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Meet CORA! A powerful new way to do SEO – putting a real ranking advantage in your hands.

What is CORA?

CORA is desktop software for Windows & Macs. It is an SEO factor measurement tool that measures over 540 on-page & off-page SEO factors (and counting). It measures the top 100 results for your search terms and puts all the measurements, recommendations and charts into an excel spreadsheet.

How does CORA work?

I am going to use mylawcompany.com as an example to show you exactly how you can use it :-) I am not affiliated with this website and have never used them, tried them or endorse their services.

I ran an Ahrefs report and found out that mylawcompany's competitor larryhparker is trying to rank for search term "car accident attorney" in Los Angeles as well! They're currently in position #13 (thats page #2), while mylawcompany is way back on page #5.

car accident lawyer search volume from ahrefs

Why did I use the search term "car accident lawyer" specifically? Read my infographic map about car accident lawyers and you will understand! Hint: Its searched a lot! :-)

larryhparker ranks for our search term! (at the time of posting this!)

larryhparker ranking

Now lets assume mylawcompany decided to start an SEO campaign to rank for the search term “car accident lawyer“.  Lets fire up CORA and run a report!

running report in cora

If you don’t rank in top 100, CORA will add you as position #99 and still compare your specified URL to all other results! (Don’t you worry!)

CORA will scrape the top 100 results, comparing over 540 onsite and offsite factors across all the sites. It then plots the data into charts and tables, comparing and analyzing the factors.

running cora

And Bam! Actionable data that you can implement for a quick SEO boost (based on data from 540+ factors!) AND you got this in just minutes!

cora actionable insights

Each line is a different ranking factor. There are 540+ ranking factors that we look at (and growing). For the factor to be included in the report (it has to have both a strong correlation with rankings + you have a deficit in it).

The report literally tell you how much to add of what and where! The advice is that specific!!! (mind blowing really)

The report gets into a lot more details – there are 10 other tabs within the spreadsheet (I point them out in the screenshot), full of data, but we don’t have time to get into all that.

But wait… You think this is great? Lets say they outsource
their content and their writing team doesn’t understand what is written in the
road map report! Maybe we want to make it easier for them to understand? No

Lets fire up CORA Page (an extension to CORA) and import the
report we got from CORA above!

running cora page

Here’s what we get!

cora page report screenshot

Boom! An article that emulates what your page should look like! (All based on factors CORA detected as ranking factors). Its populated with spun content but will help guide the writers understand what is needed.

CORA is actually a suite of 6 tools!

Diff CORA, Trends CORA, Keywords CORA, Page CORA, Correlate Anything, CORA Outreach.
I will not go into the other tools now, but they are just as powerful!

Even more features

more cora features


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cora discounted pricing


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For those who only occasionally need a report and don’t require a $3000 per year subscription, or just want to try CORA! You can get a report here: https://clients.ppcmasterminds.com/order/cora for $20. 

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. This means I make a few dollars if you purchase/sign up after clicking my link. This costs you nothing, but it helps keep this blog running!