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The Ultimate Guide to Retargeting

Learn how to setup Retargeting (or Remarketing) on Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Email & Google Analytics.


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What you’ll learn

  • Ability to setup remarketing/retargeting on Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, AdRoll, PerfectAudience, Google Analytics, Email & Google Tag Manager
  • Start setting up remarketing campaign yourself
  • Ability to measure & report on retargeting/ remarketing campaigns yourself
  • Become a consultant on retargeting/ remarketing campaign setup and optimization
  • Become an EXPERT in all areas of retargeting/remarketing
  • Ability to optimize and guide others on retargeting/remarketing best practices

Channels you'll use

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • AdRoll
  • Perfect Audience
  • Email

Course description

This course has been carefully designed to explain retargeting/remarketing in all its aspects including setup, launch, optimization and best practices to creating and launching the most effective campaigns for maximum conversions/sales/lead collection. After taking this course you WILL become an expert on retargeting/remarketing.

  1. Find what opportunities there are on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Email, LinkedIn and AdRoll to reach your existing audience!
  2. See how to use Google AdWords for conversions with live hands on advertising campaign creation for online sales using remarketing campaigns through Google Analytics targeted at previous website visitors and previous YouTube channel viewers.
  3. Explore retargeting ads on Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll with hands on tutorials showing you exactly how to make your ads and optimize them!

Why take this course?

There are many advantages to learning about retargeting/remarketing, especially in this course as it covers EVERY SINGLE aspect of the subject. Some of the advantages of taking this course:

  • Reach your existing audience on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Perfect Audience, Google Analytics, Instagram, Email and even Google Tag Manager.
  • Become an expert retargeting/remarketing specialist confident in your abilities to optimize and scale your campaigns all on your own
  • Earn additional income from your website (for website owners)

Course curriculum

9 chapters • 44 lectures • 2.5+ hours total length

Introducing Remarketing aka Retargeting

Introduction to the course!

What is retargeting/remarketing & how does it work?

Why is it so important? It definitely is!

Setting up Google Tag Manager

Introducing Google Tag Manager

Setting up Google Tag Manager

Testing our Implementation

How to use Google Tag Manager

Setting up Google Ads (GDN)

Installing the Google Ads tag!

Testing our implementation

Creating audience mindset maps

Setting up simple audience lists

Setting up custom combinations

Setting up Google Ad Retargeting campaigns

Setting up YouTube Remarketing

Introducing the different YouTube campaign types

Setting up audiences & brief intro into how to setup different campaign types

Setting up Youtube Retargeting Campaigns

Setting up Video Search Remarketing Campaigns

Setting up AdRoll

AdRoll or Perfect Audience?

Basic AdRoll Setup & Connecting Accounts

Adding AdRoll Tag to Google Tag Manager

Creating our simple audience lists

Setting up Composite Audiences

Setting up Web (Google Display Network) campaigns

Setting up Social (Facebook + Insta) campaigns

Setting up Email campaigns

Setting up Perfect Audience

Setting up the retargeting code!

Setting up audience lists

Setting up campaigns and settings

Introducing Perfect Audience Connect Feature

Setting up Google Analytics Remarketing

Setting up Google Analytics Tracking Code & checking its installation

Creating advanced analytics remarketing lists + custom combinations

Setting up Smart audience lists

Banners, Video Ads and Creative Assets

Why do banners & ads have their own section?

DFY Responsive Image Ads (15% Off Students Only Discount)

How to get Ad/Creative ideas from your competitors

Google Display Network Text Ads

Google Display Network Image Ads

Setting Up LightBox Ads

YouTube Video Ads

AdRoll Ad Guidelines

Perfect Audience Ad Guidelines

Post Launch Issues & Questions (Recap)

How come there are no impressions in my account?

My ads are showing but are not converting - what's wrong?

What are view-through conversions?

What will happen if my competitor starts doing retargeting as well?

Your instructor

SEO & PPC Revenue Generation Expert 

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Zaid is a leading expert on data driven digital marketing; focusing on analytics and actionable insights from data. Founder of PPC Masterminds with 10+ years experience, speaker and trainer having taught 5000+ students. He helps small & large businesses scale their digital marketing campaigns via data driven technology and insights. Contributor to Forbes he is consistently building masterpiece data driven digital marketing campaigns focused on improving ROI.

What qualifications do I have?

- Created & presented quarterly analytics reports & data to heads of major multi-million dollar global companies. Wrote actionable recommendations that provided more than 60% increase in sales/customer acquisition & retention. Ran hundreds of successful multi channel digital campaigns providing 5x - 15x ROI.

Student feedback


course rating

I'm always hesitant about taking or paying for online classes, mainly because I think they repeat the same shit! However I can definitely say that this course is well worth the $$ and I learned WAY more than I expected! Everything is explained in laymen terms and the instructor is clear and organized in presenting the information. If you do IM - this course is def worth your time and money.

- Jason Grandel

Great Course, i learned much about the platforms and different types of remarketing. Now it's up to me to set this up for myself and test different campaigns.

Big Thanks for this course!

- Daniel Gaiswinkler

This is a great course on paid advertising and how to set up remarketing on various sites. it has helped me successfully set up remarketing and retargeting ads for my personal website. now i am spending 1/5 the cost on my paid advertising and seeing much better CTR and conversion rates! I could not be happier as i have saved hundreds already by taking this course! I can't wait for the next course to help me out!

- Brandon Leibowitz

Great course! Literally has everything you need to know about retargeting. A+

- Scott Carney

Great course. One can still use all the tips taught in this program.

- Jahangeer Ansari

simple and comprehensive course.

Anis Mansour

very informative, easy to follow. thanks

- Hans Schmid

Remarketing is huge and its going to grow. This course is extremely well presented and has all the information you need to start remarketing.

- Tom

My retargeting campaigns are definitely getting an improvement and a better ROI with this course, many thanks!

- Tiago Lucena

Informative session

- Roland

This course takes the confusion and fear out of remarketing. Delivered in clear, professional and easy-to-follow video tutorials, i found this course a pleasure to follow along to. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to finally start remarketing to my lost traffic.

- Neil Maxwell-Keys

to the point course

- Tabishshams

Easy to follow, great explanations.

- Lisa Roux

This course delivers! Highly relevant, concise but comprehensive videos show you what you need to do and how to do it. Great use of your time and money. I highly recommend this course.

- Tony Qamar

great stuff

- Roberto DaCosta

Zaid did a great job! Step by step guide & lots of tips & tricks! Awesome, helpful and interesting content. Must have skills for all who are into AdWords and other online marketing campaigns! Highly recommend!

- Jola MB

Clear and complete course

- David Escribano

When i signed up for the course, i wasn't sure what to expect. This course turned out to be great! I have learned a lot about retargeting customers and what i need to do next. I find the instructor in this video to be very clear and easy to follow so it is really for all levels!

- Mengfei


- Natalie Minh

I will definitely recommend this course to all newbies like me. I thought it will be complicated since I don't have any experience on using these tools but Zaid presented it in an easy and professional way to help us understand the course better.

- Toshiki Gealone

Great course. Zaid really knows the topics and explains each section so that a 12 year old could understand it.

- Joe Conroy

Highly recommended for anyone into retargeting.

- Fernando C

Simple, to the point and fast

- Ryan Jenner